Types of Custody Schedules

Custody Schedule arrangements can vary based upon the awarded physical custody, the child’s needs/activities, and the parent’s work schedule. Many parents with joint physical custody of young children (pre-elementary age) prefer to have multiple short time blocks with the child per week. As the child matures, these time blocks can be adjusted to longer periods with each parent, ie. One-Week time blocks alternating for each parent. Below you will find popular examples of custody schedules for parents that share joint physical custody:

Factors to Consider

Temporary Custody Orders
Appropriate Exchange Arrangements
Be Realistic


2-2-3 Custody Schedule

2-2-3 schedule details::


2-2-5-5 Custody schedule

2-2-5-5 schedule details::


3-3-4-4 Custody Schedule

3-3-4-4 schedule details::

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